A Statement

I am interested in the artistic avant-garde, and the manifestation in art and culture of magic and spiritualism.  I try to approach the subject with a mix of irony and sincerity.  

My work is not about making comment and I mostly take a formal approach to making. Where I might have a literal idea in mind for a work AKA a subject, I allow the processes required in making take over to complete the work. For example in a painting I often make the first mark and repeat the same mark over and over throughout until it is finished. It is in this that the nuances of the process can enter in to the work, interrupting the literal idea and helping complete the work.

Each time I approach a new work I am looking for “the rules” to make it, so everything has its own method. However repetition and the supposed madness of repetition is very interesting to me.

Painting and drawing are a starting point for my work. I always try to paint in a way that relates to drawing in the sense that it is only a proposal for an artwork. The intentions behind a work are the most important and revealing things about it.

I mistrust painting as image-making and am always conscious of the painting as an object or record. So I would not consider myself a 'painter' in the sense that I am wholly interested in what paint can do, rather I am interested in what we do with paint both as a medium and cultural language. Painting for me isn't necessitated by the use of paint per se, instead it is something connected to the human endeavour to paint. So i am equally interested in object-making in this painting-sense.

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